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IUS Students Shine with Back-to-Back Good Hackathon Wins

The students from the Computer Science and Engineering (SCE) and Software Engineering (SE) programs of the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) have achieved remarkable results by winning the Good Hackathon competition for the second consecutive year.

This year's Good Hackathon witnessed the participation of 11 teams representing 9 different universities from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The victorious team from IUS, led by Mirza Kadrić and consisting of Mirza Karić, Anes Piknjač, and Amer Đidelija, presented the project known as "LingoLav." This innovative application is specifically designed to assist children with speech difficulties by serving as a valuable tool for speech therapists to facilitate pronunciation practice at home within a family setting.

The theme of this year’s competition revolved around the modernization of learning styles, emphasizing the students’ dedication to bringing in educational innovations.

This triumph signifies a substantial contribution to the advancement of contemporary and effective learning methods, a pivotal aspect for the future of education.

The organizers of the Good Hackathon competition, the Telemach Foundation, remarked, "We witnessed their relentless effort, creativity, and unwavering dedication during the competition. Their victory in this prestigious competition not only attests to the high level of expertise among your students but also underscores the outstanding work carried out by your faculty in fostering creativity and innovation among students."